Trendy Upgrade Waterproof Backpack with USB Charge Port Anti-Theft Work Bookbags

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*Oxford with Polyester lining,Zipper closure
* This USB multi pockets backpack is made of high quality lightweight Water Resistant Durable Polyester Material, not easy get dirty. Notice: Water Resistant doesn’t mean water proof, they are not designed to withstand any heavy exposure to the elements.
* USB Charging Port: With built in USB charger outside and built in charging cable inside, this USB backpack offers a convenient way to charge phone while walking or riding. Notice: this backpack doesn't power itself, USB charging port only offers an easy access to charge.
* LARGE CAPACITY:External dimensions: 44x 31 x 13 CM(H x L x W). Multiple divider pockets, easy for holding 15.6 Inches laptop, water bottle, readers and a bunch of other items, iPad, journal, pens and pencils, iPhone.
* Easy to wash and hand wash is suggested.


Customer Reviews 96 item(s)

Review by Richard Mc. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/14/2022)

Perfect BackPack for a Young Teenage Girl

I bought this backpack for my 15 year old daughter, she loved the design.The USB charging port, padded shoulder straps, large storage, pockets. This backpack was a huge hit. I highly recommend it.

Review by Kristin W.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/13/2022)

All my needs in one bookbag!!!

I absolutely love this bookbag. It is well constructed and sturdy; holds all my work items securely. Great design and appearance. The chain is a great area to secure my keys to. The headphone and USB port are awesome additions to this bag. It is versatile and roomy. There are zippered pockets on the front and back, which allows me to double this bag as a bookbag and purse, while still being organized! Absolutely love it and highly recommend this product.

Review by Jocelynn Smith. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/26/2022)

I need a portable battery!

I like the whole concept of the backpack. But I mistakenly ordered without seeing that the portable battery isn’t included. Now I am looking for a portable battery. Does anyone have any suggestions on a portable battery that will fit in the backpack slot?

Review by Brandi. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/20/2022)

Very well made.

My daughter picked this out. said arrival would be Monday but arrived two days before which was her birthday party so it was super exciting to give to her as a surprise b/c she kept wanting it to hurry up and come. The product is very well made for the price too.

Review by Ricki Meadvin. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/8/2022)

It's a good bag for middle school

My granddaughter says it's a good back with lots of space.

Review by salazar maria. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/10/2022)

Strongly recommend

Holds all my daughters books

Review by Nina M. Wojcik. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/21/2022)

Good size backpack!

Daughter loves her backpack. Lots of pockets inside. Seems like it will last for a while. Pencil case seems small.

Review by Corazon. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/7/2022)

Buena compra

A mi niña le gusto mucho la usara para la escuela y aunque apenas la compré el material se siente resistente asi que pienso que durara todo el año escolar

Review by Phillyj. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/6/2022)

Great product overall, just needs more comfort

Love the product, it's just that my daughter says is not comfortable.

Review by Elaine Rivera. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/5/2022)

Great size

Very comfortable. Nice size and beautiful. Fast shipping.

Review by Aliandro. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/11/2021)

Nice Backpack

I got this backpack because my gf liked the look of it. It's not a backpack that she will use for school but for daily use and weekend trips. We do a lot of small trips so this is perfect for her to carry her laptop, camera and a few other necessities. An added bonus is that it is waterproof. For us it is perfect but for a person with school and a lot of books I'm not sure if it will hold everything. I recommend it as a bag for daily use that has fashion! Getcha one

Review by Victoria Miller. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/10/2021)

Best backpack!

I liked everything about this backpack. Hold everything she needs for school and is very strong

Review by KyKy. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/9/2021)

Love it!

So cute!!!! I am so in love with this backpack! I am going back to school at 33 years old and wanted something cute but not childish and I love this! I love that it has space for my laptop and seems to be pretty well padded so hopefully it protects my laptop while it's in there. It seems to be very well made and is very comfortable when wearing it even after putting books in it. I love the charging port and have already plugged it into my power bank. Plenty of room. Love the large front pocket that fits all my pens and even my planner. So excited to use it this year!

Review by Ivy W. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/6/2021)

Nice backpack with l lots features

Finally pick the right backpack for myself, this has all the functions I need and it price right, I am the person focus on details, it’s a high quality bag well protect my laptop. The best part is it include the charging port and lock the zipper, which very useful and convince, overall love it.

Review by William Pimentel. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/2/2021)

Well built

Great backpak for my daughter full load of books

Review by TyEsia Millette. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/29/2021)

School supplies

THIS IS THE MOST COOLEST BAG IVE EVER HAD!! The charger that's inside it works like a charm almost makes me regret not getting the whole set.

Review by Lesa Sweeney. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/18/2021)

Approved by a 13 year old girl!

She loves it!! Added her patches and pins to make it her own!

Review by Mira Bangs. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/14/2021)

vibrant colors. Super cute in person.

Very good back pack. Seems to be well made. So many rooms for storage. Holds a lot. It's back to school season and all her supplies fit.

Review by Angelina. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/3/2021)


I love the amount of pockets it has and the multiple bags.

Review by Crystal. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/3/2021)


Perfect book bag for my 7th grader, she loves the style and durability.

Review by Lizzie B.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/18/2021)

Durable and cute!

Super cute backpack that my daughter loves! She has been using it for about two months and it still looks brand new. A smidge on the small side (she has a HUGE binder that fills up almost the entire main cavity) but it has worked well for my middle schooler.

Review by Karen J.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/12/2021)

I love it so much

super comfortable and durable.

Review by SUSAN CEDANO FREEMAN. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/8/2021)


My daughter loves it. Cute, material looks like it will last the school year.

Review by Cielo C. Huff. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/30/2021)

My daughter loves it!

Great look! Durable, My daughter packs it with all her hardbound books from school and its holding incredibly well!

Review by Ariana. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/20/2021)

Best Investment!!

I absolutely LOVE this back pack. For a nurse who goes back and forth with a lot of things it's fantastic! Even better it comes with a lunch bag that is good quality and matches the backpack as well as another small zipper pouch which I use to keep my make up in. The print is beautiful I honestly want to buy like 5 more. Price is perfect. Highly recommend.

Review by Samantha. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/16/2021)

Good product.

Have not had to use the usb but good product. Durable.

Review by Carol. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/15/2021)

Great versatile bag for travel

Love it and the versatility. Took it on a trip to Ireland and it came in very handy. You do need to install a battery if you plan on using the USB port.

Review by Annie N.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/31/2021)

Sturdy yet lightweight

My 11 year old son is using this for his school backpack. It has a lot of room and many pockets and zipper areas to keep things in. He has only used for about one week but he likes it so far. There are also pockets on the sides to put a water bottle or insulated water cup. The straps are comfortable, which can sometimes be a problem with backpacks for kids. Overall, I was glad I purchased this for him as it looks nice and has a good design, and he seems to like it.

Review by Ariana. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/28/2021)

Great quality backpack. So many inside compartments.

My husband loved it and if I must say I think I am going to purchase it as well in a different color..

Review by Slumdog 1911. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/25/2021)

Really great product. Very good quality and sturdy backpack

Really great product. Very good quality and sturdy backpack. I got mine in the Army green and love the color.

Review by Fernanda. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/11/2021)

Very comfortable

I loved it, it is really light to carry and confortable

Review by Kasandra Dean. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/13/2021)

Great quality

Bought this for my daughter for school. She absolutely love love loves it!

Review by DJF. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/11/2021)

Great price and beautiful colors.

My granddaughter says it's perfect and she loves it.. Good quality and awesome price.

Review by Rhonada Granger. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/31/2021)

Its a great buy

My daughter love this bookbag. She didnt really carry bookbags to school but this one she does.

Review by ET B. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/22/2021)

Love it!

Everyone that sees me with this bag is complimenting me and asking where I got it from. I may need to charge for the free advertisement. I love it. It has become my everyday bag whenever I am traveling with my laptop.

Review by Liz. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/9/2021)

I really loved the outside look and has so much room

How so you use the USB port??

Review by Goocheefee. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/31/2020)

Wonderful, sturdy, and lots of pockets inside.

My daughter loves her new bookbag , fits perfectly on her shoulders, it can be adjusted to fit. Great product would definitely recommend this.

Review by Shanece mason. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/28/2020)

Sturdy, Cute Backpack

The straps are very sturdy and I love that you can take off the chain and the strap on the front pouch. They’re nice additions to clothes or keychains. The straps are padded and there is plenty of pockets and nice space for a laptop which is also padded.

Review by Macy’s . Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/2/2020)

Perfect just perfect

This book bag looks perfect and alll the reviews are perfect this is at the top of my wishlist for school

Review by asdlane. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/19/2020)

Beautiful bag with multiple functions

The bag looks really nice and fits perfecting with a 15-inch mac. It is of high quality and is very sturdy. Well-designed outer and inner pockets allow me to put my pens, wallets, notebooks, laptops together in a very organized way. Besides, its water bottle compartment and usb charging port are also very helpful. It's nice to see how this bag provides multiple useful functions and has a cool looking at the same time.

Review by luis mojica torres. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/18/2020)

Muy cómodos para las libretas

Muy lindo a mi hija le encantó y compro otro para mi otra hija y también le encantó muy buenos los Recomiendos

Review by F.Greenwood. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/17/2020)

Funky and perfect for teenagers, students or for young travelers

Perfect !! Arrived earlier than expected. Looks funky teenager or students. I ordered 2 more for my nieces

Review by Aliandro. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/19/2020)

Nice Backpack

I got this backpack because my gf liked the look of it. It's not a backpack that she will use for school but for daily use and weekend trips. We do a lot of small trips so this is perfect for her to carry her laptop, camera and a few other necessities. An added bonus is that it is waterproof. For us it is perfect but for a person with school and a lot of books I'm not sure if it will hold everything. I recommend it as a bag for daily use that has fashion! Getcha one

Review by glenda Scott. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/11/2020)

Great bookbag.

Great bookbag or backpack. Pretty color and really nicely made. Looked better than the picture. Very happy with this purchase!

Review by Shanece mason. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/11/2020)

Sturdy, Cute Backpack

The straps are very sturdy and I love that you can take off the chain and the strap on the front pouch. They’re nice additions to clothes or keychains. The straps are padded and there is plenty of pockets and nice space for a laptop which is also padded.

Review by Suzanne Fields. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/6/2020)

Great backpack

This is the second one I have bought. Love it! Great quality.

Review by Johanna Bradford. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/28/2020)

Tough, unassuming, gets the job done!

Perfect as my producer’s kit holder on set, or traveling, or just on the go touring around. Love the charging feature. So many pockets, a padded section for the laptop and tablet. And the straps are just the right padding and adjustable. Was impressed with this purchase. Wish it came in some other brighter colors.

Review by Yangyue Wan. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/6/2020)

Great product with great quality and design

This is a great bag. It looks good, holds a heck of a lot, and is comfortable on the back. Good price, too.

Review by Andrea. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/5/2020)

Items true to their descriptions,

after going back and forth between this one and another that had a charging port I ended up choosing this one thinking it had the port. I also mistakenly thought it was water proof. The 2 smaller bags are exactly what they show. Its a cute kit my daughter has been using since school started and its time to get re washed

Review by Brad. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/1/2020)

it's a great deal.

Wonderful! Better than expected.

Review by Lelo Lopez. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/24/2020)

Better than I expected

It has even more space than I expected. The straps are thick in width so it doesn't really stab your shoulders.

Review by grace. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/6/2020)

Very well designed and surprising quality for price

The material is thick and the waterproofing worked perfectly well for me in the Colorado rain and snow. The attachments for headphones/USB charger are well thought out and work perfectly. There are lots of spacious pockets and partitions, and all of the material is easy to clean. The bottle holders on the sides are large enough for most bottles and travel cups.
The best part about this bag is it doesn't sacrifice roominess or efficacy for aesthetic, but it is a nice looking bag anyway. It's been over a year and it's still in perfect condition, and I'm pretty careless with my daily use items. It seems like it will last as long as I'll want it to.

Review by Helen Holt. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/30/2020)

Backpack was just as stated.

I purchased this backpack for my neice. She had been shopping for a backpack for several days. She find this one and I ordered it. When she opened the box and examined it she was just very pleased. I was also as it was just as stated with all the extras. Having to wait due to it being back ordered. Was well worth it.

Review by Alexander. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/30/2019)

Great product

My daughter absolutely fell in love with her new backpack. The lunch bag is nice was amazed by the size. Was expecting it to be smaller.

Review by V. Spielman. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/3/2019)

Perfect size for a weekend bag.

This was the second one of these bags that I bought. This is the larger sized one. I needed a bag to use for a carry on bag and this is absolutely perfect for what I needed. The color is a lovely coral shade. These are really well made bags! I am very happy with my purchase!

Review by Curt Richrath. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/30/2019)

Make sure you know what size you need cuz this isn't as big as some out there

My high school daughter love the color scheme I purchased this for her but for a high school student in her senior year it wasn't big enough for what she needed not blaming you or the product we just didn't pre-plan she gave it to a friend

Review by Issah. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/20/2019)

Good material !

I wasn’t that sure if it was actually good material, but the reviews said so otherwise. It came early than expected, which is good,the only problem is that the cables are way to long, other than that it’s great !

Review by nicole. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/17/2019)

Bang for your buck

My daughter loves this bag and it looks great too.

Review by Curt Richrath. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/1/2019)

Make sure you know what size you need cuz this isn't as big as some out there

My high school daughter love the color scheme I purchased this for her but for a high school student in her senior year it wasn't big enough for what she needed not blaming you or the product we just didn't pre-plan she gave it to a friend

Review by ana godinez. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/29/2019)

Love it

Fits perfectly my Toshiba Satellite S55 that is 15.6", isn't too big but big enough to carry a few books too. The color and material are much better than I expected.

Review by Megan Johnson. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/15/2019)

Great buy!!!

I got this backpack for high school and there is plenty of space! It's a perfect backpack for anyone all ages!

Review by Alison Wiencek. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/29/2019)

Just what I wanted

I bought this so I can ride my bike to work with my laptop and other items. I love the pretty floral pattern and the laptop area is padded! I'm very pleased.

Review by Praveen Chandra. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/9/2019)

Sturdy and love-able laptop bag

My daughter loved it !!! It feels durable and very comfy. She liked the design very much. I would highly recommend this laptop bag.

Review by L. Tapia. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/7/2019)

Great price, great product!!

My 8 year old daughter picked this out herself. We both were not disappointed. Very sturdy, large compartments and beautiful.

Review by Jasmine. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/9/2019)

it’s awesome

very durable and light, great backpack for back to school

Review by SouthernChaos. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/1/2019)

Great quality

Got this for the kiddo for school, after hours of looking through KKbags, she finally picked this one. She loves it. She said she has gotten so many compliments on it. It seems to be holding up well.

Review by Lissy. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/14/2019)


A mí niña le ha encantado para su nuevo año escolar , es mona y para colmo combina con los colores de su uniforme.
En realidad espectacular.

Review by walking tall. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/29/2019)

Very sturdy back pack; great customer service

My daughter really loves this backpack! It is very sturdy and takes the knocks that high school and binders give it. Only problem is that our puppy ate one of the clips! Any way i can get a replacement clasp?

Update: i wrote the company and they MORE than made up for getting a replacement clasp!!! (Note: this was NOT the company's problem—it was ours!). Just in time too as puppy got ahold of the backpack again and rendered it unusable! But thanks to the manufacturer, we are good to go—and my daughter will be better about where her backpack is. Thank you! Customer service is excellent and backpack is excellent. Thank you again SO much!!

Review by Savanna W.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/25/2019)


Such an amazing backpack!!! I have this backpack for 5 weeks and it's still in amazing shape!!!

Review by Jess. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/22/2019)

A Nice Backpack

Just as pictured. I use it to carry my work and art supplies. I wish there were more inside pockets, but what's there works.

I'm sure the charging cable will come in handy when I get a power bank for it.

Review by Erika L.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/12/2019)

Great Inexpensive Backpack Upgrade

I've had the same backpack for years and decided I wanted an upgrade. This bag has cushioning in all of the right places. Even when I load it up with stuff it still hangs comfortably on my back. The colors are great and there are plenty of pockets. I usually hang it on a hook at work, and while the loop at the top seems flimsy it has yet to show signs of wear.

Review by David Rivas. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/10/2019)

Perfect for my Costa Rica trip

I went to Costa Rica in the rainiest month of the year and this backpack kept everything dry. It was light, very durable and held up perfectly on my vacation. It still looks brand new and I've gotten a lot of compliments for it!

Review by JazzieA. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/16/2019)

I love this backpack!

I love purple and this bag was so great, I bought the black one!

Review by Paola Andrea Cuervo S.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/23/2019)

Me encanto las maletas

Lo uso todos los días para llevar cosas de los niños y es fantastica le cabe un monton de cosas. La otra maleta la llevo cuando voy a hacer vueltas sola o que no quiero llevar muchas cosas. Es super practica

Review by Toto. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/20/2019)

Love it


Review by alexis. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/28/2019)

Awesome for family trips!

I ordered this backpack for my family Disney trip and we cannot complain at all!! It was a life saver! I haven't tried to wash it or anything but for the job it did not fail. I would recommend to anyone.

Review by Lea Peterson. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/26/2019)

The quality of the backpack is great!I like the additional zippered pocket behind the bag very much

The quality of the backpack is great!I like the additional zippered pocket behind the bag very much! I can put some cash, credit cards or the purse in it and don't worry about being stolen. At the same time the easy-access USB charging port and headphone with built-in cable are useful!

Review by ana. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/19/2019)

great backpack

awesome backpack, love it!

Review by Teresa Bantien. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/17/2019)

Really nice.

I bought this for my daughter she wanted a purse and back pack this was perfect. Very nice looking and well made. I would purchase again. Young and mature ages would enjoy this.

Review by Apmom3. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/11/2019)

Worth every penny

Very good fabric thick high end material

Review by Yuliana andrade. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/1/2019)

That enough room for books and binders for elementary, middle school or high school

A lot of room to bring food and binders. The both side of the bag you can carry water bottles each side. Great price and great fashion

Review by Batmaz. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/21/2019)

Compact but fits everything

I use this backpack for school. It has plenty of mini pockets inside and no matter what I put in there, the design makes it look slim and small, which is great for a petite person like myself. I dont use the lock much but its convenient for traveling, the only issue was I couldnt figure out how to change the password, I wish they sent some instructions for that.

Review by Yang. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/21/2019)

It’s a good backpack but I don’t know how to use the charger

U love the backpack

Review by Cagoforth. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/18/2019)

Great product.

Got this for my daughter for school. It is very roomy and it closes well. She loves the color. Great product.

Review by Rocío Herrera. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/17/2019)


the backpack is beautiful, the fabric very good quality, many pockets, the usb if it works, I give the approval of this product

Review by Alexandra Pineda. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/7/2018)


Just how I imagine it, thanks KKbags and I can't wait to use it during school because I can charge my phone in class and do everything. This is the best product I've ever had.. in the future I'll be shopping for great things here...

Review by Zuri's mom. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/9/2018)

So cute

My daughter loves it. I surprised her for the upcoming school year with a big girl book bag and lunch bag combo

Review by Phil L.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/13/2018)

Nice backpack

I got this back pack for my granddaughter!!! She loves it! Lots of pockets and compartments!!! We removed the chain as she didn't need it. She loves the headphone jack and the option for a charger is great for long trips. I know her mother appreciates that!!! The backpack is made of a heavy duty nylon material and seems to be made to hold up for a long time!!! I would recommend this to anyone that wants to be efficient and tech savvy at the same time.

Review by DanNyc. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/9/2018)

Really stylish and nice fabric.

It has all the detailing you get in much more expensive backpacks. If I had to compare it to a previous one I have owned I would compare it to the Pop Quiz by Herschel, except this has a usb port and is much cheaper!

Review by Mark. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/22/2018)

Middle School

So FAr so good. Looks nice and holds my daughters books.

Review by Linda Littlejohn. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/6/2018)

Very feasible and convenient.

I love this book bag. I used it to carry my computer and supplies in when I go to work.

Review by Blessed Gmother. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/23/2018)

Good looking bag

Attractive book bag and appears durable and sturdy. This book bag was purchased at end of school year and is being saved for the first day.

Review by Yanruide Li. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/10/2018)

I like the bag very much!

I am very satisfied with the quality and design of this bag. The bag materials used are solid and great. The bag gives excellent protection for a laptop and my books. Wonderful Product!

Review by Whitney D. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/4/2018)

My daughter loves this book bag,

My daughter loves this book bag, it makes her feel older and she is a rough child but it is still in tact

Review by Bri. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/17/2018)

I don’t know if it’s for an iPhone

Is it for an I phone

Review by JAC. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/11/2018)

The bag is very nice but I would like some help with the charger

I really like this backpack so far! I have a lot of books that I need to put in it for school work and it is very helpful! I’m just not sure how to use the charger that comes with it!? If you have some advise to give me that would really help me out a lot!

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