Teenages' Girls & Boys Oxford Waterproof School Backpack with USB Charging Port

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* Girls backpack size:29*41*13cm(L*H*W) without USB Charging Port, Big Size is 31*45*14cm(L*H*W) with USB, nice size for college or high school;
* Large capacity school bookbag:1*main pocket with laptop department;1*front pocket; 2*side pockets;1*coin purse
* USB college laptop backpack:built-in USB charging cable offer you a more convenient way to charge your phone or pad at any time
* This casual travel backpack with padded and adjustable shoulder straps to make this Polyester backpack wear comfortable and protect your back when carrying heavy stuff
* The sturdy Polyester backpack is suit to teen girls student and college women for daily life, school, working, outdoor travelling,going shopping,hiking or camping etc


Customer Reviews 43 item(s)

Review by S Note. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/17/2020)

Very sturdy, thick material

Nice size, I can fit my pencil case and books, plus my surface in here and there's still plenty of room. It feels super sturdy. Over all it's exactly what I was looking for.

Review by Vanessa. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/16/2020)


I absolutely love this backpack. The color was just as in the pictures and the storage is great. Being in college and using more e-textbooks, I don't carry a lot but I love all of the pockets it has for the size. I have received so many compliments on it that I bought one for a friend's birthday. I also have pins and buttons on it and they don't fall off. If you are looking for a knockoff of the $80 brand one, then look no further.

Review by Ashlee. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/15/2020)

Great school bag!

Super sturdy backpack, better quality than other waterproof backpack brands that cost triple the price. Get compliments on it all the time, holds up heavy books well. So many compartments!!

Review by jesse.nicole. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/12/2020)

Crazy cute

Just got this bag in yesterday, and it is ADORABLY cute. I already love it so much. Fits everything I need in it. The water bottle holes don't look like they could fit a water bottle but, I don't normally use those holes anyway, I just stick the bottle in the bag. So that's not a feature that will bug me at all

Review by Saadat. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/10/2020)


Simply a GREAT backpack... only downside I see to it is the size is maybe a little small for people who carry lots of books. But most of my books are PDFs... all I carry is a surface pro and some notebooks in this backpack and it is great for that. The best thing about this backpack is the appearance of it in my opinion. It has almost an old fashion feel to it with the leather, but it is a modern style backpack with a nice compartment to hold a laptop.

Review by Alexandria Wilsey. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/23/2020)

Perfect for messy situations!

Outside and inside lining is made out of material that will protect what you have inside. Unless your bag has liquid continuously poured onto it or it’s submerged then everything inside should stay clean and dry. Plus lots of pockets, which I love because it helps with organization, and it’s spacious inside!! Watch the video posted, it convinced me to purchase this bag

Review by Gisele Dorsey. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/14/2020)


I got this to use for work during the week instead of my purses. For me its the perfect size, not to big. I have another backpack but that is used for travel only and much larger. This is just what I needed, as I was abusing my purse collection. Now during the week I will use this instead of a purse which will preserve my other other bags LOL. It comes in great colors but I decided on black cause it won't show dirt that much...THANKS! This works for me

Review by Roffoc. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/2/2020)

great backpack

great backpack and fantastic price. my wife has been using it for more than a year and it can withstand any kind of thing you throw at it. it is definetly durable and it can handle a washing machine when it comes dirty.

Review by Jenny. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/30/2020)

Good quality and cute

This backpack is so cute! I'm attending college this fall and most of my stuff fits in here. Everything fits a bit snug, but there's a lot of pockets so I have a place for all my items. It has 2 bottle pockets on the outside and 2 inside. It also has a big pocket outside and 4 small pocket inside. The fabric is thick. Feels more thicker than my Jansports backpack and the stitching is on point. I hope this backpack lasts me a long time

Review by Jacky. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/3/2020)

Sturdy & Stylish

I like it a lot. It’s really cute and it feels really sturdy. At first the design confused me quite a bit but it’s really convenient especially with all the pockets inside. I’m sure this will make being on campus all day a lot more simple and all the essentials fit in it as well. The color scheme is so pretty, I can’t get over how vivid the colors look in person.

Review by Lily. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/13/2020)

Cute & functional!

I was looking for a new backpack for school and this was perfect! It's a nice muted pink/warm gray and looks great in all lighting. It fits my laptop and notebooks, has internal pockets for my pencil cases and helps me stay organized with the variety of pockets that are inside. The bag is quite sturdy and definitely waterproof, and is good for both class and going out with friends. Would definitely recommend, especially at the price point!

Review by JenniferP. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/5/2020)

Love it!

This is my third time ordering from them. I have the pink one, pastel blue/pink one, and now I have the black one! The black color definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s a nice dark black with nice dark brown accents, I’m so in love with it! I’m so happy I got the black one because it matches with everything. If you are debating on whether or not you want this bag, you should get it! It’s cute, spacious, and it’s perfect for rainy seasons (I live in Florida so I know how it goes!)

Review by rungirlrun. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/1/2020)

Great value!

I've only had it a week but it seems very sturdy, easy to wipe clean and appears to be truly water resistant! It's very functional- I like the way the it opens up when unzipped, for easy access, and all of the pockets are great for organization. I bought it to use for work but I'm pretty sure I am going to order another one for personal use too! It's pleasing to the eye and comes in great colors. Good value too!

Review by Kae Xiu. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/30/2020)

A perfect bag for a light carry.

I have no words to describe how amazing this bag is in person. It's so freaking cute. The material is very strong and is definitely waterproof (I've had the opportunity to check this copious times) if this bag is taken care of it could definitely last you a couple of years. As far as travel goes I would recommend this as a carry on bag for a plane or a bag to go on a picnic with or maybe even just a long shopping trip. (All of which I've used the bag for) based on my personal experience I was not able to first very many clothes items into the bag like mentioned it is on the smaller side.

Review by Jordan Douglas. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/18/2020)

Great for the price

Wore this backpack in two tropical storms and can confirm it is waterproof! This bag is great. My only complaint is that the front flap is where all the pockets inside are so it's gets very heavy. When you open the bag the front falls completely forward and everything falls out of the open pockets. Makes it hard to quickly open the bag to grab something. Besides this the bag is perfect and holds a ton of stuff.

Review by Eva Fowler. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/8/2020)

Super cute and conventional!

I love this backpack!! I use it as a purse and take me whenever I go out since I walk a lot. It can fit my dell laptop in its own protective pocket (I still have my laptop sleeve on for extra protection). The color is just what I wanted and has snap buttons for the front pocket for quick and easy access. My only issue is the side pockets on the outside because they are so small, I can’t fit my reusable water bottle, but there are convenient stretchy pockets on the inside which fit my umbrella and water bottle. The straps are easy to adjust and it’s comfortable to walk with.

Review by paulwinningham. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/18/2020)

Great bag but did not fit my laptop

I purchased this because I wanted to use it for college. Unfortunately, my 16 inch laptop would not fit in it. It was so cute that I had to keep it though. It is very durable and I bring it everywhere.

Review by Ana Jara. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/7/2020)

Hermosa y muy práctica.

Me gusta mucho la maleta, tiene muchos bolsillo. Da la impresión que no es muy grande pero mi laptop de 15" cabe perfectamente. Lo único es que los bolsillos para el agua son muy pequeños. Y si quieres que tu laptop tenga un espacio no tan justo la siguiente medida sería la mejor opción. El color de la maleta es igual al que está en la imagen de Amazon. El materias en muy resistente, no he tenido problema alguno.

Review by H. P.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/20/2019)


Very room and comfortable to use. Lots of pockets. The grey doesn't appear as solid grey, but I think it picks up the pink undertones and makes it look like purple grey. Either way, awesome bag.

Review by april. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/21/2019)

Stylish and practical

My daughter loves this backpack. It has many compartments for her to fit her stuff, plus it's waterproof. Well made.

Review by Evette G.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/14/2019)

Super Cute and Very Well Made

I was unsure about the quality of this bag, as I am a teacher and looking for something that can withstand all of the stuff that I carry with me on a daily basis. However, this bag did not disappoint! The material is extremely durable and I can fit my MacBook Air, my planner, and 5 classes worth of papers inside, plus extra miscellaneous teacher stuff that somehow finds its way in there. Lots of storage and I get many compliments because it’s cute!

Review by TiredMommyof2. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/29/2019)

Cute for middle schooler

This backpack is adorable. My daughter wanted a new backpack and at the end of the schoolyear I was not ready to shell out alot of money on a new bag. This is on the smaller side. Her lunch bag doesn't fit inside, her water bottle could depending on how many textbooks/binders she brought home. It is also nice and lighweight and super cute!

Review by Emily Lathrop. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/5/2019)

A great backpack

This backpack completely met my expectations! I was so happy to receive it. It is waterproof and spacious. In the main compartment I have a 1inch binder, a notebook, my bullet journal, a book(othello), a lunch Tupperware, calculator, my pencil bag, and a water bottle. In the small compartments facing the other items I have tissues, headphones chapstick, sticky notes, lotion, inhaler, and eraser. Then in the front pocket I have my wallet but there is plenty space for more.

Overall, I was afraid that this would be too small or cramped but it will actually work out perfectly for school.

Review by M. Pham. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/26/2019)

adorable backpack!

one of my coworkers has this backpack in yellow. I loved the size and the look of it so much I got one for myself but in a different color. It's a great size for bringing back and forth my computer from work. I have also used this backpack as a diaper bag when out and about with my toddler on the weekends. It has lots of great little pockets to store different things.

Review by Ty. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/10/2019)

Nice bag

Got it for my 12 year old to carry her laptop charger and mouse works perfectly she likes the style and color! It could use a little more padding for protection if you're using it for a laptop but otherwise good!

Review by roxstar1021. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/11/2019)

The best!

Absolutely adorable, functional and professional! I get compliments on my bag daily! I love it!

Review by Leah. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/4/2019)

Great backpack!

I love this backpack. Great quality, love the front pocket and the large main compartment can fit a ton of stuff. There is also a padded sleeve for laptop. The straps are comfortable, and the material does seem pretty water resistant. I love the colors and get tons of compliments when using it.

Review by Janey. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/13/2019)

Awesome for moms!!

I love this backpack. I wanted something with a ton of pockets bc I’m a mom and wanted something I didn’t have to worry about falling off my shoulder when I’m trying to wrangle up my children. The material is waterproof, thank God! I’ve worn it in the rain, and no issues with my stuff inside. This is my everyday “purse” and I’m glad I made this purchase.

Review by Mileny M.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/30/2018)

Best bag I have had so far!

I have had many backpacks, but this one is the best so far! This japanese backpack is so spacious, compact, comfortable and cute! It comes in a lot of colors and styles. I added some stuff like the pins and keychains and it looks absolutely adorable (at least for me )! I highly recommend Himawari Backpacks to everyone looking for a cute bag with lots of space.

Review by paige. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/8/2018)

Perfect for class!

A bit smaller than a normal backpack, but it's perfect for me because I usually only bring my lap top and notebook to classes. I love all the interior pockets! If you have a large laptop (thicker than a tablet or MacBook) I would not recommend this bag because the laptop pouch would be a bit tight.

Review by Paola cali. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/7/2018)

The Best Backpack I’ve Ever Seen

Absolutely love this backpack, It has no lose strings, is very comfortable, fits a lot of items, and very aesthetic. I would definitely recommend! My cat enjoys it too!

Review by Vickywah. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/26/2018)

The perfect backpack.

I bought this backpack before a couple travel trips and when changing departments at work and thus needed to upgrade my storage space. I love this backpack so much and have taken it everywhere with me. I’ve air traveled with it, it can safely store my DSLR camera and tablets or water canteens. The inside pockets as well as side pockets are genius. I would totally buy more colors of this backpack. It’s super essential for traveling or just every day use.

Review by D Willey. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/26/2018)

Perfect mini backpack

I wanted a Kanken originally, but after reading reviews I learned there are a lot of fakes on amazon. So I settled on this backpack after reading amazing reviews. This backpack is a lot cheaper than a possible imitation Kanken, AND it has ample pockets on the inside, plus 3 outside. Two of the pockets inside are perfect for a water bottle or umbrella (I use them for an umbrella and my glasses case). It says it’s waterproof, which hasn’t been fully tested yet, but I accidentally sat the backpack down in a beer puddle (for an hour) and the bottom didn’t soak through to the inside.

Review by Jordan Laissaoui. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/10/2018)

Great Value!

For $30 it's an incredible little backpack. The size is just right for a 13" Macbook and a few notebooks, or one large binder. The aesthetics are sleek and simple. The quality seems decent at this price point. Good, cheap, temporary backpack that probably wont last any longer than a year, but what does now a-days?

Review by laurae80. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/4/2018)

Love it!

I actually love this backpack so much! Works perfectly for my work equipment and the charging port is fantastic! The color is a gorgeous eggplant color!

Review by Michael and Cynthia Montgomery. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/1/2018)


This backpack is so nice!! The quality is really amazing and its very spacious on the inside and well built!! It fit my 10.5 inch Ipad Pro perfectly in the padded pocket and there are lots of compartments for things on the inside. Really great product :D Also this shipped to me in less than 2 days with free shipping!! The colors match exactly to what was shown online. It's so cute! Thank you so much!

Review by Jeanie.moralez. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/27/2018)


Got it today and I absolutely love it. The only problem I had was that it came a little squished and wrinkled but that went away as soon as I started putting stuff in it. Overall great purchase very happy with the product.

Review by Viet Nguyen. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/12/2018)

so far so g o o d

so far so good, everything seems to be in good shape, no stray threads. many compartments, I can’t wait to use this backpack.

Review by Meghan Dix. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/11/2018)

My new favorite backpack!

I take public transportation everyday to and from work and don’t feel comfortable using a purse, it makes you more of a target for theft I feel where I live. Before I got this backpack I was using one that was definitely made for a man, somewhere with broader shoulders and a longer back, I could never get tailored to me. This backpack is perfect, the straps don’t fall off and I’m not constantly have to readjust it. It also fits everything I need in it, my 13 in MacBook Pro, 32 ounce hydro flask, wallet, little cosmetics bag, over the ear headphones and my lunch sometimes. I haven’t had a single problem yet! I have yet to test out the water resistance of it, will update my review when the time comes!

Review by McKenzie. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/18/2018)

Cute and lots of great pockets!

This is a very cute backpack. It fits a large book, a large notebook and other things like my pen holder, facial cleansing pads, deodorant stick, moisturizer and a huge stack of flashcards. I plan on decorating this with a lot of cute pins. There are also a lot of different and useful pockets on both the inside and outside which I really like and use! I bring it to work with me everyday to study during downtime.

Review by Virginia Parks. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/10/2018)

Great Bag!

Bought this for my daughter who is a senior this year. This back pack has made it through the long school year 2018-2019. My daughter is always stuffing her bag with so many extra art supplies and books & this bag has passed the test! Side pockets are a plus for her to carry a water bottle & the front pocket has lots of extra room for additional stuff.

Review by Cam. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/2/2018)

Great bag

Have been using this backback as a toddler diaper bag, it is very comfortable and holds ALOT. The zippers are working fine, the tabs as well. Have had no problems and I am very happy with my purchase. I now have two of these, the medium and large and they are both amazing!

This backpack looks alot better in person, its beautiful. Well made, waterproof material. I got it so I could swap out my bulky diaper bag. It is alot bigger than expected but that’s not bad.

Review by V. Ventura. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/26/2018)

Great material, cute bag!

Waterproof and great pink color! It looks exactly the same as the picture. Very thick material - I tried to put some pins in this bag and it actually bent my pin! Haha that’s pretty sturdy stuff. I do see other reviewers were able to get pins in so I know it’s doable. But I’m glad the bag wasn’t so easily punctured through.

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