Teenages' Waterproof Backpack with USB Charging Port Fits 16" Laptop For Student

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* Girls backpack size:31*45*14cm(L*H*W),nice size for college or high school
* Large capacity school bookbag:1*main pocket with laptop department;1*front pocket; 2*side pockets;1*coin purse
* External USB port with built-in charging cable provides a more convenient and easier way to charge your phone. Outside connects USB cable. Inside connects power bank. Please noted that USB cable and power bank are not included, separate purchase needed.
* This casual travel backpack with padded and adjustable shoulder straps to make this oxford backpack wear comfortable and protect your back when carrying heavy stuff
* The sturdy oxford backpack is suit to teen girls student and college women for daily life, school, working, outdoor travelling,going shopping,hiking or camping etc


Customer Reviews 46 item(s)

Review by duwblbuwbl. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/8/2022)

Held Up Well

Bought this for my 20-yo daughter and she loves it! She has just started using the bag a couple of weeks ago so I can't tell how well it will hold up after a few months. So far, she thinks it holds up well as she has put her school books in it.

Review by Meagan. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/4/2022)

Solid backpack

My son wants a tie-dyed backpack every year and this backpack is perfect. It doesn't have the stuff plastic layers that a lot of packs have so it makes it easy to dye. The backpack itself is a good size for an elementary schooler with enough room for a binder, a pencil box, and a book.

Review by Lu Zhao. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/27/2022)

super sturdy

OMG I love this backpack! It's very sturdy and easy to see inside, also there is a small pocket, you can put your wallet or keys inside. Perfect size opens wide, nice and lightweight. You can paint anything you like on the surface. Very unique design. It's easy to get dirty but the color is white and that is to be expected.

Review by Alexis. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/23/2022)


I absolutely love it! The quality of the bag is very good! I have bought many cheap backpacks and they always end up ripping and they often have a weird smell, but this back pack has none of that! The chain on the backpack is very cute and stylish. The inside of the bag is very nice as well. It can it a lot of things inside. Overall this back pack was a great purchase and I will definitely be buying another one soon!

Review by mxrtin. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/28/2021)

looks good or wudeva

i love the simplicity of it, it's exactly what i was looking for. just wish it had pockets inside the backpack, but overall such a great backpack!

Review by adnam08manda. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/28/2021)

I love this bag!!!

Super cute laptop bag. I work in a corporate environment but I always have my phone and coffee in my hands so this keeps me hands free and not having to worry about it sliding off my shoulders. It is sleek enough for business and has pockets for all my needs.

Review by ShiFang Zheng. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/25/2021)

Good good

The bag is very comfortable to have on your back for an extended period of time. Now I use the bag for hiking to carry water and other items.

The bag has one main pocket and then one pocket for smaller items in the front. There are no pockets on the inside of the larger section. However, it is a large backpack with quite a bit of space.

Review by US ARMY VET. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/22/2021)

Loved the pack

This was a birthday gift, and so far they love it, the color was pretty close to the display picture, and seems to be holding up fine. they were very happy with the backpack

Review by Elizabeth. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/14/2021)


I love the color and has enough room for my books

Review by . Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/26/2021)

Cute and Compact

My daughter uses this for school and likes it! Cute backpack! Been using it everyday for about 6 wks. So far so good!

Review by Ternisha phillips. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/5/2021)

Daughters schoolbag

Got this for my 7yr old and she love it because she able to decorated it herself and stand out from the other kids

Review by sandgroper. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/10/2021)

Great quality. Makes packing for trips so much easier

I travel almost every weekend and I find these cubes have made packing for these trips so much easier. I have this 3 pack, plus an extra medium and small cube and they fit perfectly into my suitcase. I use the large cube for pants, one medium for t-shirts, the other medium for long sleeved tops, one small for socks and bras and the other small for underwear.
I used to overstuff my suitcase until I could barely zip it up, always too many clothes.. but now I pull out the cubes and it's so much easier to visualize what I truly need. Highly recommended.

Review by John M. Eltzroth. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/3/2021)

So cute and perfect for high school

I love this back pack and the little chickens on it are adorable. It fits everything I needed for my junior year with room to spare! And its holding up perfectly

Review by Carissa Jackson. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/2/2021)


Great project backpack. A little thin on the strap part. I wish the quality was better

Review by Ms Christy L Michell. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/10/2021)

Winner for Middle School

My daughter agonized over a new school backpack. It had to have enough storage. The straps had to hit her small frame in the right place. It had to have a water bottle slot on the outside. It had to be durable and not have early zipper failure. This is it. She loves it and it is just the right volume for middle school debris.

Review by Justin. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/15/2021)

Great little book bag for every day stuff. Nothing too heavy.

I use this for fishing and works great. Nothing too heavy.

Review by Qing Gui Liu. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/15/2021)

Sturdy for everyday use

Sturdy for everyday use
My wife uses this backpack when she go out, so she carries things for baby in it (among other items). It's durable and comfortable to carry, and holds up to everyday use. Good choice, especially for the price!

Review by Jimmy B. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/22/2020)

Nice Backpack

I recently bought an electric scooter and needed a way to carry stuff while keeping my hands free. This is a nicely built roomy back pack with comfortable straps. Just what I needed. I couldn't rate it on water resistance, haven't had it out in the rain.

Review by Yves. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/9/2020)

Looks nice, pretty sturdy so far

Bought this for my middle schooler, who can admittedly be rough on everything he owns. So far, it's holding up really well, and the rather discerning kid it was bought for thought it was "rather elegant". I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it looked (loved the suede bottom), and really liked the small compartments and pockets. Be warned, it's not super-large backpack (the kind a kid can cram a locker's worth in), but roomy enough for a kid to carry a good amount of supplies in.

Review by Rebecca Andrade. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/8/2020)

Love it!!!

Love it!!!! Super cute and more than enough space for multiple binders or towels and bathing suits for two. Really love the variety of pockets too, very helpful for staying organized. Used it consistently for a semester and vitually no signs of wear and tear, so pretty durable too.

Review by Maguid. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/10/2020)

This Laptop Backpack was a gift for my UC student grand-daughter

This Laptop Backpack was a gift for my UC student grand-daughter. She got a brand new laptop as part of the package. She loved both. The color was perfect. The laptop and the backpack will be thoroughly used hopefully for many years.

Review by Wpjenny. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/11/2020)

It’s a full size backpack. Great for travel or school

We bought this for my daughters upcoming trip as her carry on. The quality is very nice. Added bonus is the charger and headphone port. She loves it.

Review by Anna Ferguson. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/24/2020)

Great purchase!

Love this backpack! The color choice is great, made of a very durable material and has many compartments, very compact for what all you can store in it. Use it to/from work, never have to worry about inclement weather.

Review by Aubrey JVG. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/30/2020)

Light weight, fun to decorate

Got this backpack as a project so my sons could decorate it. They loved coloring it (we used permanent markers) and it came out nice! It was easy to draw on and the color is a bright while. Well made, zips and unzips easily.

Review by Dania M.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/26/2020)

Great quality

My daughter loves this backpack. It is great quality, sturdy and roomy. Her pc fits perfectly, is well protected and plenty of room for books, folders, etc. The colors are great.

Review by Julie Jackson. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/3/2020)

Great backpack for middle school student

The back pack is durable and the color is very nice!

Review by chenning zhang. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/27/2020)


I like this bag pretty much and I like the texture because it is canvas it is pretty light and with large capacity It is a very good gift to sent

Review by Raina. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/3/2020)

This bag is legit awesome!!!

Where to start? This backpack is exactly what I needed!! The pockets are very deep and the bag is a super pretty color! It has a place to charge your electronic devices and multiple pockets to fit odds and ends! I put an extremely thick journal in here and I still had room left for everything else I needed to bring with me:)

Review by Shay. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/31/2019)

Durable and cute!

I bought the this backpack as a gift for my sister. She's getting married and at her bridal shower we sent her off with a little "honeymoon" bag! This bag was perfect to fit all the fun stuff we wanted to include, plus some practical things like suntan lotion, snacks, sunglasses etc. I love this so much I kinda want one for myself now 

Review by Lisa Sabatine. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/24/2019)

She loves it

My daughter loves to color on everything so this is what she asked for! A canvas of her own art!

Review by vdtexas. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/15/2019)

adjustable thick straps

I needed a backpack for my laptop and this one by far exceeded my expectations! I love all the pockets and the room. I can for both my laptop and my 3 ring binder comfortably with room to spare.

Review by Cathy. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/14/2019)

Works great for Infusible Ink

I bought this bag because it was advertised as 100% polyester, and I'm happy to say that is exactly what it is. I needed a polyester pag to use with the Cricut Infusible Ink product, and I am quite happy with the results. Looking forward to using the bag when we travel.

Review by Laura Bohlke. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/13/2019)

Perfect pink backpack!!!

Just got mine today but very impressed by the look and feel of it. It has a very professional look and the right shade of pink to add style to a backpack. There are a lot of compartments and fits my laptop great. I like how it's slim and not huge so it gives the right look for work.

Review by US ARMY VET. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/1/2019)

Loved the pack

This was a birthday gift, and so far they love it, the color was pretty close to the display picture, and seems to be holding up fine. they were very happy with the backpack

Review by Dionne Cao. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/24/2019)

Durable and Cute - recommend it 100%

I've been using this backpack for about a year and a half now putting it through all sorts of conditions - rain, sun and being thrown around, but it still holds the exact same. When it gets dirty, one cyle through the washer and air drying it cleans it immediately. My books and laptop don't even get moist in the rain, everything inside stays dry.

Review by Rachel Asher. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/16/2019)

Check dimensions... true to size

Great bag for arts in crafts... Durable to withstand a seventh grader

Review by Maggie Bryson. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/2/2019)

Great for DIY

Great blank for crafting. I prewashed it and it is still a soft canvas feel. There are lots of pockets and inside is spacious. The color is bright white in outside lighting and soft white indoors. Can't wait to customize it.

Review by Allison. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/17/2019)

Good Quality for Price

Bought this for my daughter in white...she wants to paint it. Good quality backpack. I do wish there were pockets on the side, but overall very happy with my purchase. Great value for money.

Review by Raymond (Bud) Simmons. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/26/2019)

great product to always keep on hand -

great back pack for school, camping or emergency's, keeping supplies battery's first aid, extra flashlights and rations, after experiencing Hurricane Harvey in Houston this product serves as a back up for items in case one has to evacuate for any natural disaster. item arrived in timely manner.

Review by Tricia. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/19/2019)

Great value!

Darling color choices - my 7YO is really happy with her new backpack! It fits great on her, but could easily be worn by an adult as well. Smart pockets enable her to use air pods (if we actually trusted her with them...) and quality zippers and straps. We got ours for a special price on KKbags day, but even at full price, I'd buy it again.

Review by Piedad. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/28/2018)

Good!! And really cheap

Nice backpack. It's good quality. Doesn't have side pockets so be aware of that

Review by Anonymous. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/1/2018)

Perfect backpack!

This backpack meets and even exceeds my expectations. Perfect size. Holds a lot, yet fits nicely wherever I need to stash it. Lots of pockets to stay organized. I also love the purple color!

Review by thelmalou. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/8/2018)

Good for preteen who requested it

I thought it was a little small and only one big pocket and one small one, but my 7th grader loves it and size works for her

Review by Jaclyn Banks. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/23/2018)


Love this backpack. Needed one to tie dye and this worked great.

Review by ???. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/22/2018)

SUPER cute and is very spacious!! has many pockets and great for traveling and school


Review by Damon Q. Yu. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/15/2018)

Good Backpack!

I really like this canvas bag, which is strong and durable and lightweight. I bought a white backpack this time and want my friend to help me draw some special patterns. I really like the design of the zippers, which can put valuable things in a safe place.

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