2019 Simple Outdoor Water Resistant Laptop Backpack for Teen Boys

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* Material: High quality waterproof lightweight Oxford and Smooth Zipper. The new version has a little difference on the top handle and the shoulder straps as the photo shows. Two versions are randomly sent.
* Main compartment with double-zipper closure; 1 exterior zipper pocket; Water-bottle pockets on both sides, padded Laptop pocket, 2 pen holders; 2 interior pockets;1 inner zipper pocket.
* Adjustable padded back and padded shoulder straps, fits 19" laptop
* External dimensions: 48CM x 31CM x 16CM (H x L x W)
* Great for casual day use and for students going to school. Fashionable and super cute. Perfect gift for you and your friend.
* Easy to wash and hand washed is suggested.


Customer Reviews 81 item(s)

Review by Kat Lover. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/1/2021)

Perfect size and features for everyday work

This is a perfect size for me to transport my 16" laptop back and forth to the office. Secure laptop sleeve, with plenty of other storage for power supply/battery, head set, plus small sweater, water bottle, etc. Also, the smaller outside pocket has LOTS of small compartments for wallet, phone, pends, lip gloss, mints, tissue, etc, etc, etc. I downsized from a larger backpack that had too much room and I would lose things inside. This feels like just the right size for daily trips.

Review by Hilary. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/29/2021)

Super comfortable & organized

This is a fantastic backpack! There is space for both a laptop & tablets as well as so many other spaces to organize things. It makes finding what you need while the backpack is under the seat in front of you so easy. I love the hidden pocket that is up against your back to store important things like your passport and money. On top of it all, the straps are so padded (along with the back panel) make it comfortable enough for my daughter to carry it.

Review by Shawn P Davis. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/26/2021)

Lightweight backpack with lots of pockets

This is a stylish, lightweight backpack with lots of pockets to keep all of your things. I use mine for traveling to and from work, and I love all of the compartments to put my lunch, wallet, laptop, notes and other necessities. The weight load is pretty evenly distributed, and it is quite comfortable and feels lightweight even when full.

Review by Naveen Shrimal. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/23/2021)

You will be amazed

This laptop bag is way beyond my expectation. I generally use incase laptop bag , but thought of using it for a while because my bag was borrowed from me. When It came the first impression was WOW!!!. Right from the look quality everywhere, the straps , the chains , pocket and the little details fro glass holder , headphone jack and powerbank are so good. The bag itself has very god quality. The straps supports produced padding so helps in carrying it around easily.

Review by Shellz. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/23/2021)

Great travel/computer backpack

Are use his pack pack to take on the airplane with me to travel for business to Hong Kong. It fit under my seat even though I stuffed it pretty full. My laptop was well protected and I enjoyed all the pockets. It fit nicely over my suitcase. Now I use it as my daily bag for commuting on the train to and from work. Only thing different I would ask is that it had a strap to come across the front to make the weight more distributed evenly.

Review by BugaBoo. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/21/2021)

Convenient and good padding.

Just bought 15 inch new laptop and wanted to buy a laptop backpack since I travel with my laptop quite often (well, per year, just about 1-2 times for air travel but like 3-4 road trips, some lasting more than a week). I always need something to carry and protect it in, for work and schooling. My old one was 17 inch and didn't fit the new laptop.

Review by tomer shahar. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/15/2021)

More space than you would expect.

Order this for my girlfriend to take her ridiculously large laptop, after it tore her last backpack.
In this one, it seems she could fit 3 and have room to spare

Review by Haleigh. Verified Buyer (Posted on 6/7/2021)

The perfect backpack

Oh My! I can carry so much in this. I have a small 400 sq house and run my own company out of our kitchen. Because I need the space clear, everything is kept in a bag. This one holds it all! Complete with the extra padded straps and lumbar area, it makes it comfortable to carry around. I let my teenage daughter try it out for school and her favorite part was the earbud hole. She said she can carry the backpack and listen to music without getting caught! Over all. Best backpack I have bought!

Review by mike h.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/28/2021)

Very happy with backpack

My son was very happy with this backpack.

Review by Erica Soto. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/18/2021)

Lots of storage

I just purchased this for my 4th grader. I like the storage it has in it. Hopefully it will last him an entire year

Review by William Russ. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/11/2021)

Premium backpack is made from super-durable fabric to keep your gear protected!

Spacious, specialized storage for electronics and equipment when you're on the move. Built with compartments for your laptop, shades, and much more, this pack lets you bring it all along for the ride. Plus, this premium backpack is made from super-durable fabric to keep your gear protected. Exterior pockets for easy-access storage Padded back panel and shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.

Review by W. Levenson. Verified Buyer (Posted on 5/7/2021)

Nice backpack

This is a very nice backpack for carrying around a few things including a laptop or an iPad.

Review by Mavley. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/30/2021)

Great for backpacking!

I bought this backpack in a hurry a couple days before I needed to leave for Europe a few months ago. I knew I'd be doing a lot of traveling through different countries within a short amount of days and was worried this would kill my shoulders - NOPE! This backpack is great. I carried several pairs of clothes, shoes, tech, toiletries, and even a couple souvenirs and it was perfect. So much room, comfort, and I love how many little pockets there are. I stuffed my laptop and iPad in the back compartment and it was a perfect fit. Even with a lot of stuff, it doesn't look bulky on your back. The strap that holds the backpack to a suitcase makes this so much better. My friends and family were envious and wanted to order this, too!

Review by Jay. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/29/2021)

One of my favorites!

This backpack is one of my favorites! I can comfortably fit my 15-inch computer in the computer compartment with no hassle and fit three books, a couple of folders and my lunch bag securely. The shoulder straps are extremely comfortable especially when I am carrying a heavy load of books. I don't use the USB charger option, but I am happy that it is available. Overall, this is a sturdy, well-made backpack.

Review by Rell F.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/26/2021)

Good for travel and work or anything

This is a very nice looking bookbag. It definitely doesn't feel like something cheap that's gonna tear easily. Huge upgrade from the trash one I bought at Walmart.

Review by Harry. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/26/2021)

Tons of compartment!

I bought this for my business trip. It may look small but boy, it has a lot of nifty compartments. I had all my essentials organized and still have a couple of free spaces available. I particularly like the hidden brick compartment where you can connect the USB cable - it's neatly tucked away inside the bag but I can easily access it since it's placed on top of the bag. The padding on the handle is thick enough and snug that it doesn't slip off easily.

Review by BayAreaMommy. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/20/2021)

Compact with tons of storage

Needed a new laptop bag and searched for an affordable option. This one is a really nice bag. It is compact in size, but has tons of storage and different pockets for things. I like that it is smaller than my last laptop backpack because that thing was a bear to lug around the airports when traveling for work. This one is so much easier to tote and the dedicated laptop pocket is quick to open when going through security. The included USB port and cord are a nice addition. Haven't tested the waterproofing yet, but can tell from the sheen of the fabric that it is waterproof. This thing is really padded and really protects my laptop. Overall a very good purchase.

Review by Genie. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/19/2021)

Anti-theft pocket, plenty of storage, durable

I used this recently for travel. There are so many pockets. I feel like I'm discovering a new pocket every day. It can fit a lot. I actually use this as a bag for my kids stuff, as opposed to a diaper bag. I feel like it can organize and fit a lot more stuff than most diaper bags. It has an extra padded area for tablets, and also a secret pocket where your back would rest against your bag for money and things you don't want stolen. The material looks like it's made to last. It's comfortable on the shoulders and lightweight. Definitely worth it!

Review by Thermodynamics. Verified Buyer (Posted on 4/15/2021)

Quality backpack

Loved the amount this bag can carry (it is a large laptop backpack). It's Yorpek a great brand. I would love slightly thicker material but their designers know better than I do when designing and making a backpack. This doesn't seem like it can carry a lot of textbooks for a college student or would cave to the load in time but for anyone who is not a college student that carries a lot of textbooks because classes are a pain, this will do you justice.

Review by Beyond belief. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/27/2021)

Perfect Work Laptop Backpack

I travel a lot for work and was looking for a reliable backpack that also didnt break the bank. This back pack fit my needs. I also use it for my daily back pack to the office. Got a few complements the visual of it and even more when I told them the cost. It easily fits my laptop, cables, power banks and files I constantly carry around. The straps are very comfortable and have enough length so the backpack fits correctly on me.

Review by Laura H. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/17/2021)

Terrific for international trip!

I bought this because of the reviews that indicated it fits a lot of things easily while traveling. It did! I'd been having trouble finding a good backpack that I could easily slip things like iPad (with travel case), purse, magazines, toiletries, charging cords, etc etc without having to take everything out to get to something. This pack has generous slots that were easily accessible throughout my long, multi-country travel. Was comfortable to wear, and I like the strap that allowed me to place it on top of my suitcase handle through airports as well. Definitely recommend.

Review by Lisa Thomas-Perez. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/16/2021)

Great Quality

Lots of storage space!! Great product

Review by Jose William Prats. Verified Buyer (Posted on 3/12/2021)

Excelente producto, justo lo que buscaba.

Nice bookbag - havent had any problems with it yet, like that it expands and holds a lot - great for older school age children.

Review by Emma. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/12/2021)

super strong and lots of pockets

This backpack is fantastic. I ordered it for my husband because he takes his laptop to work and didn't have a bag to carefully transport it. This is the bag everyone needs! I'm even planning to get one for my nephew who is a college student. The shoulder straps are super padded, there's a hidden pocket on the interior for phone, keys, money, etc. There is an opening for headphone cords and a USB port, as well as a place for hooking sunglasses. Seriously, this bag has it all and it's great quality for such a good price. Buy it!

Review by M2grls. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/7/2021)

Comfortable, convenient and durable backpack!

Hands down this is the best backpack we have ever purchased! My son loves the "extras" from the headphone opening to the USB charger for his portable charger. It carried everything to school his first day with room for more. The padding on the straps is thick without being bulky. Tons of pockets with a fob for keys, this carries everything he needs to school and back. Highly recommend!!

Review by Sam L.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 2/7/2021)


Holds all of my books. Great size and shape.

Review by Jessica Travis. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/31/2021)

Pack it all backpack

Omg! This is exactly what I was looking for. It has all the pockets. My laptop is secure and the charge ports were an added bonus. The bag isn't too bulky and I definitely plan to use when I travel. There's a strap on the back to put on your wheeled luggage which is something I've been needing so I don't have to drag my luggage and backpack down the airport. Overall satisfied with it. May buy another to make a bug out bag as size and pockets make it seem like it would be perfect!

Review by Michelle Trickey. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/28/2021)

Great padding and tons of features!

I really enjoy using this backpack the extra padding helps to make even the heaviest of items not hurt my back. I absolutely love the USB charger part it makes it so easy and convenient to hook up by external charger and get my phone or tablet charged quickly. I love the multiple compartments as well it makes it easy for me to find everything and helps with organization which is a major plus for me!

Review by JOHmom. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/28/2021)

Strong backpack for all those books!

The backpack is exactly as described. Large section for books and padded area for computer. Seems strong and has reinforced stitching.

Review by theriz09. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/26/2021)

Pockets and Compartments Galore!

I'm giving this as a gift to my cousin who likes to travel... but of course I wanted to check it out first. There are SO many pockets! I like that the laptop or other electronics go in its own section closest to your back when wearing it. The pocket itself is padded, but as you can see in the last pic, there's additional padding on the outside of the pocket too. Another awesome thing about it is that it has a ton of room with the different zipper layers, and all the pockets (inside and out). The material isn't as thick as I would want it to be, but only time and use can tell how well it will hold up.

Review by Alexander. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/23/2021)

Strongly recommended!

I'm in high school and this backpack is amazing! I can carry it all day with no strain because of how comfortable the straps are! Strongly recommended!

Review by sbrady. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/19/2021)

Loads Of Rooms

It's back to school time, and the back packs cost a small fortune, which I was not willing to pay. We came along this back pack and it had everything we were looking for and the price was perfect. A back pack that has oodles and noodles of room. It has so many compartments so there's a place for everything. We can fit our laptop, books, pencils, pens, mouse, charging cables, water bottles, wallet and more. The straps are fully adjustable and padded making the back pack comfortable to wear. The zippers glide smoothly. There's even an USB so I can plug in my power bank or phone. My son is picky and he is very happy with the back pack.

Review by Barbeh. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/10/2021)

Great backpack for my trip

I was a little hesitant about reviews. I was planning a last minute Cancun trip and needed a backpack for the day trips I was taking. Fit A TON of stuff. Water bottle, towel, snorkel gear, wallet, extra clothes, extra shoes, kindle, sunscreen. Did not break, and I lugged this thing everywhere to capacity for hours at a time. Lots of handy pockets and would definitely work well for using a laptop as it has a padded section for it. Very solid purchase. The lock it came with was a bit cheap, which I was disappointed about. But, I suppose to be expected since this is not a lock making company. I bought my own locks when I saw what it came with.

Review by Cruz R.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/7/2021)

Excellent product

This backpack is Perfect for my son who's in high school.

Review by Kimmie D. Verified Buyer (Posted on 1/7/2021)

So far, SO good!

Huge backpack, yet not over-the-top large. The capacity of this backpack is amazing. My backpack typically carries two water bottles, 4 text books (one of them an Anatomy and Physiology textbook, another is the lab manual that accompanies the book), a Chromebook, and many other supplies necessary for college courses.
The backpack seems to be built well, and seems to handle the heavy load I frequently have.

Review by charmaine. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/28/2020)

All in one

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend who travels a lot and needs extra storage for a carryon. It came right on time because he took his first work trip since the purchase and he loves the fact he can charge his phone from his bag. It gets crazy with traveling in airports and having to hold multiple devices and the built in compartment for charging helps ease the hassle.

Review by FSUFinest12. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/28/2020)

Great for Business Travel

I am always on the go and this back pack is great! My laptop is huge, but it still fit inside. There are so many compartments inside the bag. I was able to store my laptop, an outfit, shoes, and many other essentials. The straps are very comfy and there is also a cushion on the lower inside which felt great on my back. Surprisingly it was much lighter than I expected. I highly recommend the laptop backpack.

Review by K. Extraordinaire. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/22/2020)

Great bag for the price.

The backpack has alot of room and fits well to your back. The only issue is the straps don't really want to hold on if you pull the backpack tight. Fits laptop and every book I need for that day at school.

Review by william. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/15/2020)

Perfect backpack for high school

Great bag for my high schooler! Plenty of room for all of his books and even the lunch bag. He can store his charger and earbuds too. Great bag for the money!

Review by Rosa Z.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/11/2020)

Really Sturdy Bag

I am a person that has a backpack for every occasion. I have a backpack for Work, one for school, and for many other reasons. The last time I traveled my backpack that I used for my carry-on started to fall apart so I found this backpack to replace it. Instead I'm going to use this backpack for every day use. It is absolutely amazing. It has pockets for everything and Straps that are super comfortable. My laptop fits easily. I will be able to use this in so many different ways. As a person who loves backpacks, I have to say this is one of the best I've ever bought.

Review by Cfd medic78. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/7/2020)

Perfect wheelchair pack!

I purchased this pack as an inexpensive way of transporting art supplies to an art class. I use a wheelchair for mobility and tried to figure out how I could wheel myself and carry my supplies. When I saw this pack I thought maybe it would suit my needs. It worked even better then I thought it would. With it's many pockets, it held my supplies in an orderly fashion. I was able to slip the arm straps over the handles of my chair as though it was custom made for this purpose. Hopefully it holds up for a long time to come, but for this price you can't go wrong.

Review by Don and Kylie. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/5/2020)

Better quality than I expected, fits MacBook perfectly.

I was a little wary because I wasn't familiar with the brand, but this bag definitely exceeded my expectations. It is made of a durable nylon material, has good quality zippers, and plenty of padding. This fits a MacBook Pro Perfectly, and has plenty of room for notebooks, paperwork, or anything else you might need to bring along. Other than the unfamiliar brand this looks and feels like a much more expensive bag.

Review by Shannon Vicker. Verified Buyer (Posted on 12/4/2020)

Love this backpack!

I am a teacher who also happens to be taking classes this semester. I bought this backpack looking for something that could go between school and class and keep everything I needed. Well this does that and so much more! I have not only used it as school has restarted but I used it during the summer for day trips with my kids. It has so many pockets and places to store things it's awesome! I can easily divide my things up so they are easy to find when I am in school teaching or in my class.

Review by Robert Nakai. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/26/2020)

Great Purchase

Recently purchased this for a short weekend trip. It was great. Plenty of room but easy to access in order to retrieve things and get through TSA. Fabric is really nice and attractive. I am waiting to see if it stands up to weather. Love the security pouch in the rear. The charge plug is standard on most packs today. I didn't use it. One special comment was the nice bag that was included. I used it as a bag for my shoes. Great. Not sure it was included for anything but packing but it is a great addition. i will continue use it on trips and hope it holds up. I highly recommend and feel the price value is excellent.

Review by WendyC.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/19/2020)

Perfect for what we needed.

Bought this bag to tack on the side of our sons wheelchair for his phone, keys, gum etc. it was the exact size that I was looking for. It is a smallish messenger bag. If your looking for a big bag to fit books in this is not it. It would fit an iPad or tablet and other misc stuff like pens, pencil, phone etc. It fits perfectly in our sons wheelchair and suits his needs.

Review by Melissa. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/14/2020)

love the comfy padded-straps

i Love all of the different compartments- and the padded shoulder straps- are one of my fav features! i use this for hiking and for carrying my laptop around . the 2 big compartment dont hold as much as i thought as i tried to put a sweater inside when my laptop was in it and i had a hard time zipping it up, but the 4 different zipper compartments are handy and the water bottle holders on the side are really good quality. I bought this at a great price 19.99 and its definitely worth it!

Review by Sarah Goad. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/12/2020)


My son will be starting kindergarten in a couple weeks and this bag is perfect. He is autistic and uses an iPad to communicate so he needs a backpack that will protect that and provide storage for all of his food for the day as well as his school work and a change of clothes. This backpack has plenty of room for that and is comfortable as well. It's also very ruggedly built so I don't have to worry that it's going to fall apart after two weeks.

Review by Joy B. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/12/2020)

Great for Work Travel

This is a fantastic quality backpack for work or school. I travel for work weekly and this backpack fits the bill. It has a laptop compartment, plenty of space for all of my other essentials and has a trolley strap to fit over the handle of my rolling suitcase. It's a great carry-on for air travel, is extremely comfortable with lots of padding and fits under the airline seat perfectly.

Review by Kelli. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/6/2020)

Best Backpack I have purchased.

Just received it. After close inspection it hits all the major marks. You won't be disappointed. Always concerned when buying a product I don't know but all the reviews are right on the money. I can't say if its waterproof yet and how well it holds up because it hasn't been used yet but it seems very sturdy, large capacity, great storage and organization, the straps are amazing. The price is fantastic. I've purchased more expensive backpacks that weren't as good as this one. This is for High school junior. Highly recommend.

Review by Amanda T. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/3/2020)

Great padding

I received this item on Saturday and I love it. I was looking for a quality laptop pack that wouldn't break the bank and this is it. It is padded in all the right places to protect your laptop from any damage in the case of an accidental bump or drop. The straps are padded and very comfortable, I wore it into work this morning and got a few inquiries. Def recommend!

Review by Speero. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/3/2020)

I love it

This back pack is like a Cadillac. Is comfy and plenty of padding to make it wearable all day. I have a 15 inch asus laptop and it first perfect and secure. I carry my charger, extra thumb drives, an external hard drive, pens, a binder and a few random items in this bag and it holds no problem. I can ride my bike with this on I feel safe trusting this bag with my laptop.

Review by Dan Richter. Verified Buyer (Posted on 11/3/2020)

Gotta give credit where it's due

Just opened the package, first impressions: feels high end, comfortable, fits me perfectly (was worried it would look small, I'm 6'1, 220lbs), tons of different compartments. I shoved in there my laptop (which has a case, makes it about 16-17") some books, some accessories, a water bottle. It holds a ton. Old backpack broke this morning before class. I ran to target for a replacement, too expensive (we're talking like $89.99, and still felt cheaper than this bag). I ran to try Walmart, a bunch of junk. Quickly went on KKbags while I was still at walmart, and it just got delivered at 6PM. Only took 8 hours lol, I'm pleased.

Review by Courtney G. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/30/2020)

Pockets gallore

I was amazed at how many pockets there were in this backpack! Its amazing! I also loved how comfortable it was to wear. The straps have a cushy support so they dont cut into your shoulders. I also loved that there was the port to where you can charge your phone. I was not a fan that the front and the rest of the backpack had different fabrics. The front is like a glossy fabric and then the rest is matte

Review by Zuania Wood. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/27/2020)

Great bag for work, looks nice too!

I go to a lot of meetings at work, and was forever dropping my mouse, or my notebook. This backpack is light, sturdy, and I can carry everything I need. Lots of pockets for cables, pens, and other accessories. And when I spilled my water on it, it didn't get on the laptop. Not the way I wanted to find out it was waterproof, but it worked. Great product. And it's nice to look at, so I don't mind carrying it with me.

Review by LoriJenne. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/24/2020)

Best backpack I have found!

This backpack is heavy duty! I was super impressed with the quality of material! Thick padding inside for laptop. Easy connectpouchb inside to store your battery and then easy plug in for phone on outside! There is ample storagr and pockets for everything you need! I even found a surprise pouch on the bottom that has extra protection from getting bumped by your back. As I was writing this review I found a headphone spot as well! Definitely a must purchase!

Review by Jenny B Smith. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/23/2020)

Great high school

My daughter was complaining her backpack was too bulky. And in today's high schools there are no lockers. So I got her this one because all she carries a chome book and a few little books. She especially likes all of the little pockets. There's a little pocket that goes to her back she loves one for her personal items. She hasn't use the USB port but it is there.

Review by Mrsmacs. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/13/2020)

Strong and large backpack for senior high or college students

Exactly what I was hoping for for my son in his senior year. Extremely large backpack. Lots of space for technology and he loves the built in USB port. The backpack is very sturdy and has great padding. Excellent find!!

Review by Deb. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/10/2020)

Love this bag

Lots of room. Love the features. Very pleased. Took it on flight. Stores easily under seat.

Review by Laura H. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/8/2020)

Large Capacity Backpack that Works Well for Teachers

I am a teacher and this backpack makes it easy to transport work to and from school. It holds a lot of papers and other various school supplies in the different compartments. Very comfortable to wear.

Review by Chase McCants. Verified Buyer (Posted on 10/4/2020)

Fantastic backpack for everyday carry!

I purchased this backpack for work and to use on vacation and boy, did it work out well. This backpack isn't giant and that's the point. It's meant to fit a few of your electronics, books, and some food. When I take it to work, my computers, iPad, headphones, and lunch fit perfectly. It worked even better on vacation. I love the USB charger. Instead of me having to take out my external battery or tuck my phone in my backpack, I can charge my phone while it's in my pocket. This was especially helpful when trying to look up directions and information while visiting a different country.

Review by WorkingMomof2. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/27/2020)

Great Deal!

I bought this for my son since school is getting ready to start and I wanted to be prepared and my son loves it! The pockets for laptop and tablet are perfect for him to pack his binder and take his tablet. The best part is I don't have to worry about the tablet getting broke anymore! It has plenty of room for him to carry all of his books since he'll be in middle school this year and is likely to have homework!

Review by Tish. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/17/2020)

Showstopper Backpack with Plenty of Storagr

I love this backpack! It is more than I expected. The material is waterproof and very durable. There are pockets and compartments everywhere. A girl can do some things with this kind of backpack. My laptop is slightly older, so it's not slim and this backpack fits it nicely in it's specially designed area that is padded and has a velcro closure. I'm excited to be a student again, and this backpack is the companion I needed to haul my tech products and accessories and school materials as well. I'm rambling...

Review by BPaver. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/17/2020)

Great business Backpack!

I was tired of carrying my computer case which was not all that attractive and had few pockets. Looked at various backpacks on KKbags and liked the looks of this one. My Requirements were met: id has a great cushioned area for my computer, area for my kindle and/or tablet. Comfortable straps for my shoulders, a place for my cords if I want to add a charger, and a strap to "attach" the backpack to the handle of my suitcase when I am walking through airports. I do a lot of traveling and this is great.

Review by Samuel Clemens. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/15/2020)

Great bag!

I use this daily for college and it's been holding up very well for a semester and a half. I probably over-pack this bag, which is a good test for it. I'm able to easily fit my laptop, charger, 2 full size textbooks, 3 notebooks, and anything else I would ever need and more at school in this bag. The side pockets are very deep and fit my 1L Smart Water bottle and Thermos easily.
The internal USB cord is of good quality and the outside connector has stood up to the elements. There are many places inside the main pocket where you can put your portable charger (I personally use the pocket in front of my laptop, but you can use the zip pocket in the same compartment). My only gripe with the bag is that the magnetic straps for the side pockets tend to just get in the way, would be better without them.

Review by Veronica M. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/11/2020)

Absolutely great!

I truly love everything about this backpack! The price is a steal and the bag is just the bomb! My favorite thing is that the anti-theft pocket is also padded and I love the credit card holder! Also, the fact that it can wrap around your luggage if you're traveling! With the credit card holder in the strap I don't need to remove my whole bag to pull out my id or paperwork. It's roomy and the padding for the computer is pretty thick!

Review by Kelley Smith. Verified Buyer (Posted on 9/5/2020)

Great tech friendly backpack

I ordered this for my son who is a freshman in college. He was more than pleased with the surprise purchase!!! This backpack has plenty of features typically not found in a backpack at this price point. It has TONS of zippered pockets for organization. The padded pocket for a laptop is secure and will surely keep electronics safe in transport. The fact that the arm straps are padded is a great feature - especially when carrying heavy textbooks around. He LOVES the built in USB hook up for a battery backup since he always seems to be less than 10% battery...LOL. A great find a this price point! Highly recommend.

Review by Eme B. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/31/2020)

Perfect for my laptop.

Pleasantly surprised by the quality. This bag is truly elegant. It can actually take 2 laptops and an iPad. You can easily carry your wires and accessories because it has so many useful pockets with zips. And it's stylish. So whether it's for a business meeting or school you can definitely dress it up. I actually bought it to store our laptop at home. My kids can be rough so I needed a safe home for my electronics. This is perfect. If you work from home and have to carry your laptop and documents back and forth, this bag is great! The usb hookup is just a big plus.

Review by Todd. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/25/2020)

Has a place for everything.

My teenage son loves this backpack. Has so many features. Has a spot for his earbuds to come out while his phone can charge. Charging battery is not included but the usb cords are.
This bag has a place for everything, even a handy place to hold sunglasses and a hook to attach keys. It is nice and big. My son is 6ft tall and fits nicely on him.

Review by sunny. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/16/2020)

Great for school, work or leisure

I purchase hundreds of backpacks every year to disburse to impoverished children. This year a single teenage mom shared that she wants to return to school to complete grade 12. I purchased this backpack specifically for her so she could return to school in style and have all the extra comforts she needed to carry her books/supplies. This is a very cool looking backpack and can be used for school, work or leisure. It appears to be very strong, feels like it is waterproof, and holds a lot. When it arrived I tried it on and it was very comfortable to wear. She loves it and will be getting a lot of use out of it.

Review by Dave's ipad. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/13/2020)

Just the right amount of pockets

So I just got back from a trip overseas with this backpack. Let me tell you it was a life saver! It has just enough pockets and has little details like a sunglass holding strap, a key pouch in the strap, an external battery pouch. I loved the secret pocket at the back, it's the safest place for valuables. Also the strap on the back to secure it to other luggage was awesome. I guess what I'm saying is I loved the backpack. It's so comfortable you hardly know it's there.

Review by MrsMateo. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/10/2020)

Spacious and durable

I am very happy with this work backpack. I waa able to fit a lot in this backpack for my business trip - including laptop, tablet, two portable chargers, three sets of clothing, a toiletry bag two pf the one inch binders and an extra pair of sneakers. There are three large zippered compartments and one smaller in the front. So it was easy to seperate everything. The pocket I found most helpful was the one in the back of the back pack - kind of like a secret pocket but a great place to store my id and plane tickets. Definitely recommend for traveling or day to day use.

Review by Leah. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/9/2020)

Very impressed, super quality

This backpack is excellent! My son has been using it for school and we're highly impressed by its design and quality. Holds & protects a laptop while containing/organizing everything else you would need. Fits a lot! Very padded and heavy duty. Comfortable to wear & tote around. Sharp looking too. Quality is top! It's actually nicer than the Nike, Jansport, and adidas backpacks we own. Love it!

Review by Ckeeney. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/4/2020)

True to picture

Seem to be good. Bought for my son's Jr year of high school. Time will tell how well it holds up.

Review by Meowzilla. Verified Buyer (Posted on 8/2/2020)

Great, neutral backpack

My husband carries this as his work bag and he loves it! He's "big and tall" and can comfortably wear it, I'm 5'6 and it's comfortable on me too. It has the perfect amount of pockets, it's a great material, and it's super lightweight even though the material is thick and durable. Something else I love about this is it's all back and even though there's a small logo, it's not super noticeable.

Review by KiddJasper. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/31/2020)

As expected.

It came in a well boxed and wrapped package and on time. The bag is well represented and fits both laptops (Msi gaming 17 and 15.4") as expected. I bought one in the black/gray and one in the blue/green colors. They're perfect for our flight and I love the charging aspect for our phones as well. Construction seems ideal for our laptops and I didn't fork out a fortune for them. I'm happy. There isn't a lot of room left for other things but I have managed to get some snacks and freshening up items in with the laptops and their gear without over stuffing the bags. I may order more for my daughters laptops after I try these out on our flights.

Review by Jarrel Jimmerson. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/22/2020)

Great pack with one drawback

Overall, this is a great backpack that has every feature I would wish for but the one drawback I've found is the mesh pockets for water bottles on the sides are a bit too shallow. I use an Rtic 20 oz tumbler and I'm constantly checking to ensure it isn't tipping over to fall out. I like to use my 30 oz Rtic tumbler but it has fallen out which broke the lid and dented it... If they would make the pockets deeper this would be the perfect backpack!!! Still recommend it to those considering buying it..

Review by Jennifer Ceven. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/15/2020)

Grown-up backpack: professional look and organization

There are so many useful features on this backpack! It's hard as an adult to find a classy looking backpack that will protect a laptop, carry lots of things, and keep everything organized, but this one delivers. I love the clean, all- black look, the comfortable shoulder straps, and the padded interior. There are so many pockets that there's literally a place for everything inside. The quality and construction are really impressive for the price - I was pleasantly surprised!

Review by Naomi. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/13/2020)


I'm an art student, and my college demanded a lot of items, more than my old backpack could handle. I ordered this one because was the cheapest I could find, and I'm not disappointed. This backpack is basically the same size as the other one I had, but inside is like bloody Narnia! I could fit with ease three sketchbooks, my 5 subject notebook, an art kit, a book, thousands of pens and pencils, my ipad, a waterbottle, my watercolor pans, prismacolor pencils and my wallet with room to spare!
I'm actually considering taking this backpack with me to my vacations next year!! And I love it has a slight sheen to it, and that it has a lot of pockets! I would def buy again!

Review by Peter G.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/10/2020)

LOVE this backpack!

LOVE this backpack! My old computer bag was falling apart, and I am SO glad I replaced it with this. perfect size for my 13" laptop with a ton of storage space and compartments, cool extras like the plug and hole for headset which I am still figuring out but are very fancy.... very nice material and very sturdy. The padding is perfect for the laptop. Really nice bag.

Review by Swanand Veerkar. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/8/2020)

Excellent product

Very happy to purchase this. Good storage capacity, sturdy product.

Review by Natalie T.. Verified Buyer (Posted on 7/4/2020)

This backpack has a place for everything!

Not only does this book bag look stylish but it is fully functional for everything. It protects my laptop and allows me to plug in my usb and have access to my headphones and there is a place even for my sunglasses! The straps are padded and comfortable and the material is very durable. Everything you will ever need to take can be put in this back pack.

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